Our Vision

Our Vision

We exist to make loyal followers of Jesus who love one another.

Our vision is to proclaim to our community and to the world the message of God’s grace in Jesus Christ and fully train those who are brought into God’s family as a result!

To that end we commit ourselves to make Christ followers by :

• Infusing the gospel message and its power into all of our teaching and training. We want to help God’s people access the power of God for life transformation through faith in the finished work of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit.

• Equipping God’s people for maturity beginning with the youngest child and continuing through the oldest senior citizen. We want to provide and encourage God’s people to pursue a serious and ordered learning approach to being a follower of Christ.

• Planting new local church expressions and mission points throughout the Boston to Washington D.C area using a multitude of models and methods. We want to bring Christ’s love to the lost and needy through gospel word and deed.

• Partnering with those organizations that will help equip and send God’s people to every part of the globe. We want those Christ followers in our network to go and be on mission in obedience to the mandate of our commander in chief – The Lord Jesus Christ.